Top 10 Japanese Pornstars

Japanese porn becomes more and more popular. Before men used to watch Latin girls and now Asian porn took over even popular American services for adults. We found 10 remarkable japanese porn actress who will surely make you sweat. These girls are different from tanned blond American girls. They are beautiful and pure. No dyed hair or fake boobs. They will certainly attract you and make your mind go wild…

Top 10 popular porn star names in Japan:

10. Akira Kurosawa

A good-looking and sexy girl first appeared in porn back in 2001. She decided to retire in 2006 and started working as a strip dancer but returned to adult videos the next year. She is not only a famous Japanese porn actress but an xxx model and has her own live chat where she entertains her watchers. The girl says that to be shooted in porn is fun. Now she is 35 and still continues to perform for online services and DVDs.

Akira Kurosawa pic

9. Aino Kishi

This 29-years-old lady is a former model, actress, singer and a popular jav pornstar. Her debut was in the magazine Young Gangan and brought her fame. This slender, petite girl with small breast size looks not like some of the porn stars with tanned bodies and big boobs but in Japan, she became an adult videos idol. Men call her angel because of her small size. In 2011, the video game Aino Kishi Slot Game was released with the model as the main character. She also tried as a singer and released her debut album Touch My S.P.O.T.

Aino Kishi pic

8. Akari Hoshino

Akari Hoshino is a beautiful 32-years-old model who used to work as a porn model for Japanese entertainment sources. You can find this lovely model in such films as Scoop! (2016), Princess Sakura: Forbidden Pleasures (2013), and Smuggler (2011). Apart from being shooted naked in the camera, the woman acted in numerous drama series on Japanese TV.

Akari Hoshino pic

7. Aki Tomosaki

This lady in one of the top japanese pornstars because there are not many mature actresses in the local adult video industry. She is famous for being caught in hard core sex videos and BDSM with different porn actors. She looks amazing and her huge breast size attracts millions of Japanese men. She was also awarded for her awesome videos.

Aki Tomosaki pic

6. Akira Ichinose

Ichinose is one of the most attractive and busty Japanese porn actresses that has an amazing collection of adult videos. She has big boobs and a pretty face which make guys and girls watch her online. You can find some of her most famous videos at the AV Idolz website. Review her wonderful xxx photo gallery and enjoy!

Akira Ichinose pic

5. Chihiro Aoi

A beautiful, young, and petite female av idol is famous for nude photos. She is only 28 but she became a world-famous porn actress. She is a new japanese porn star and promises to deliver awesome adult videos to her fans. Her nice appearance attracts watchers and makes them enjoy 18+ videos with her as the main character.

Chihiro Aoi pic

4. Fujiko Kano

Now, this actress is 45 but she was quite famous for her nude shooting. She became interested in sex when she was 5 when accidently found an adult magazine for men. At the age of 22, the girl started working as a stripped and by the age of 26 she appeared in porn. Her successful career began from the adult film East Meets West 3 in 2000. The woman also worked as a nude model for numerous magazines.

Fujiko Kano pic

3. Anri Suzuki

The lady definitely joins the list of japanese porn stars who became popular all over the world. This tall and beautiful girl started her career in the porn industry in the company MOODYZ back in 2005. The actress was caught in lesbian soft-core videos, bondage, and solo 18+ content for adults. She also worked as an adult model for various nude magazines.

Anri Suzuki pic

2. Azusa Nagasawa

At the age of 28, this stunning Japanese girl became one of the most recognized porn actresses in the world. He body is amazing – slender and huge nice boobs. She performed in more than 10 adult films and was shooted for adult magazines. Review her awesome nude photo gallery or watch one of her porn videos right now to enjoy this young and super-hot Asian girl.

Azusa Nagasawa pic

1. Asa Akira

Asa Akira is one of the top japanese pornstars who is famous for her unforgettable appearance and awesome adult videos that you can easily find on the Internet. She is Asian-American, therefore, her look is so demanding in the porn industry. Now, this lady does not work as a porn actress only but an adult film director and author. Akira got plenty of AVN awards for performing in three-way sex scenes, double penetration, solo, tease, etc.

Asa Akira pic