Top 5 Sex Scandals of All Times

You probably remember some of the real sex scandals involving celebrities and even presidents. The list of recognized people that were caught on the affair or accidently sharing the moment of their private life is really long. Do you think it is a real coincidence that such situations become available to public or do politicians and celebrities want to gain more fame through scandals?

Who knows whether celebrities become shamed by public or do they want to be seen in such light. However, the audience loves it and never get tired of discussing secret details again and again. So, let’s review top 5 jaw-dropping Hollywood sex scandals, remind you of people that were involved in them, and the reaction of the world!

1. Hugh Grant

A wonderful actor is famous for great English comedies. However, he gained even more fame after being caught with an ebony prostitute Divine Brown from Los Angeles. It happened back in 1995 and the British actor was even arrested for having sex in his car in a public place. He paid her $60 for having a blowjob on the nearest street. However, they both get caught by cameras. Luckily for the actor, he did not have to go to the prison for 6 months as newspapers told us. Unfortunately, the lead role at Four Weddings and a Funeral that was released just before the accident did not bring the actor grace.

hugh grant sex scandal

It would not be such a shock if the actor was not in a relationship with a model Elizabeth Hurley at that time.

2. Kim Kardashian

This pretty celeb is also not only famous for being a designer and a wife of Kanye West. She would definitely win the best sex scandal in America nomination if it was ever conducted. Her sex tape was leaked to the internet. You still can find a video of a celebrity having sex with one of her boyfriends Ray J on pretty every porn site. The video shows quite a lot of Kim and her partner. So, if you have always been interested to see big-ass babe Kardashian without clothes seducing her boyfriend in front of a camera and having real sex – just find the tape on the internet.

kim kardashian sex tape

This accident brought Kim fame 100% because not only millions of men but women around the globe had a good close up at that lovely body and heard her talking dirty to her black dude.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Who would have thought that a hero of millions can be involved in a celebrity sex scandal? The actor was happily married to his wife Maria Shriver; however, he was carrying on an affair with a housekeeper. Mildred Patricia Baena was hired for work in the celebrity family in 1991. It is unclear but the rumours said that Schwarzenegger and Baena were having an affair for 6 years and the woman got pregnant. That is terrible because Maria Shriver was pregnant at the same time too.

sex scandals in America

The scandal was released in 2003 when the actor decided to become a California governor.

It obviously had a negative effect on his political life due to numerous lines in newspapers that were telling about his sexual miscount. However, Maria has been supporting her husband and defended all rumours.

4. Bill Clinton

The affair between the president of the United States 49-year-old Bill Clinton and his 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky is surely the world best sex scandal. The woman said that Clinton was her sex soul mate and they did it 9 times in 1995-1996. Most of the affairs took place in the Oval Office. She later reported about this in front of a big audience. Was it a real affair or a sneaky young lady that wanted to gain fame telling about her intimate time with the USA president?

US president sex scnadal

Do you remember that video where Clinton looks at the camera and says “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"? Now you know more about what happened and it is your decision whether to believe the president or his ex-intern.

5. JF Kennedy

Some of American presidents were famous not only for caring about the country and trying to do their best to develop it and make people’s life better but for having affairs. Pretty everyone knows that the president had a relationship with a beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe. No one knows how long their relationship lasted but it is clear that a lovely actress was a mistress for a head of the country once. It was a big sex scandal in the country when people found out that both Kennedy and Monroe spent a weekend at Palm Springs. They have met each other a bit earlier at a dinner party in White House in 1962. Other guests of the evening noticed that Kennedy loved the woman from the first sign and asked her to join him on holidays. He even added that his wife will not come and smiled at a wonderful blondie.

Monroe sex scandal

Monroe’s famous song “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” that she sang at Kennedy's 45th birthday party at Madison Square Garden made a lot of people understand what was going on between two. Unfortunately for the actress, Kennedy started ignoring her phone calls and stopped seeing her.