Top 5 Asian Cam Models of September, 2016

Asian girls are petite, with small wrists, hands and feet, and shiny dark eyes. They look very feminine. Moreover, Asian babes look younger than women of other races. Maybe these are the reasons why so many men are keen on them? Hell yes! To this list of the attractive features we can add submissive behavior in bed, tight pussy and readiness for any sex experiments.

In September, the first and the most beautiful month of the autumn, we want you to know our Top 5 Asian Girls of FireCams! They embody all your Asian fantasies and expectations. So, here they are, our beauties:

5. Thaieyes

Thaieyes is a gorgeous Thai babe. She has a nice slim body, firm tits and amazing smile. She is always up to put on high heels for you, tease you with a naughty ass play and show how she plays with sex toys.

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4. NoaLovee

NoaLovee is a 19 yo model from Taiwan. Her real name is Demi. And it sounds better than NoaLovee, eh? This young cutie claims she is always ready to make all your wishes come true and make you happy. Are you up to check out if it is true?

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3. Lilimmmm

Lilimmmm is an enigmatic cam girl from China. Her profile doesn't give a lot of information about her. It only says her pussy is hairy. It sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Lilimmmm is one of the most popular girls of September because of her beauty, her charm and sexy body. Chat to her now and you will see how awesome she is!

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2. Feifeili

Feifeili is a pretty mature Chinese cam girl. She is 28 and has very yummy curves: nice tits and bif round ass. Want to play with them? Join Feifeili in her chatroom and tell her about your naughty fantasies. She is really ok with all that ass play, sex toys, spanking, and bdsm stuff.

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And, finally, the best of the best this September - Fressia8.

1. Fressia8

She is H-O-T. Really. Just look at this Korean baby-doll: slim figure, big tits, sexy red lips... She is a dream, but she is so close to you. She is real and you can chat to her. Fressia8 loves to show off her body, adores cam2cam, and gets very horny seeing a mature man with a hard dick.

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