10 Movies with Unforgettable Sex Scenes

Do you like watching movies with sex? We gathered a great collection of movies with unforgettable sex scenes. Let's review the description to each film, remember who were acting, and what effect they had on watchers!

1. Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey created a lot of unforgettable scenes that looked very attractive. Two nice people dancing is amazing. I bet so many girls had dreams of being like Baby, in arms of such handsome and sexy men like Patrick Swayze. The song “Time of our lives” definitely matches what was going on when the actors were acting sex dancing half naked on each other.

dirty dancing sex scene

2. Ghost

Another movie sex scenes with Patrick Swayze and a beautiful and young Demi Moore. The scene is very sensual and makes all us want to be embraced. Women all over the world always feel so curious and sometimes even jealous about their favorite actors having sex in movies. A wonderful play by world-famous actors makes us believe in their love and passion.

3. Romeo and Juliet

A great movie including handsome and sexy Leonardo DiCaprio and stunning Claire Danes became very famous. It was released back in 1996 but the sex scene that looked so innocent, sensual, and passionate still makes us feel for it. An excellent play and directing definitely makes this episode one of the most memorable and hot.

4. Secretary

An awesome movie with two amazing actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader will make you laugh and cry. Discover an exciting story about a young girl who becomes a secretary and regularly has fun with her boss. Numerous sex scenes will keep you more interested to watch the film to the end!

5. Shame

A gorgeous sex scene including Michael Fassbender having an intercourse with his sister acted by Carey Mulligan. The man is a sex addict, therefore, during the whole film you will discover how he lives and has to hide his addiction. You will be impressed by a passionate and seductive sex scene including a brother and a sister feeling shy and dirty at the same time.

6. Basic Instinct

Of course, we could not skip this film because millions of men would never forget it. A young, sexy, and very seductive Sharon Stone does look amazing and makes men want to dream about her. A famous scene when the actress is having sex with Michael Douglas seems like too hot for 1992. It is interesting but a lot of porn sites still offer this very scene for watchers.

basic instinct sex

7. Pretty Woman

One more movie that we will never forget. A romantic story of a simple girl and a rich guy is a like a dream for young girls even nowadays. A yummy sex scene with Julia Roberts in her silky dress being seduced by Richard Gere right on a piano cannot be forgotten. Pretty Woman is still called one of the best sex movies ever!

8. Brokeback Mountain

If you have an open mind and do not mind to see a “gay love” then you should certainly watch Brokeback Mountain movie. This American neo-western romantic drama with Jake Gyllenhaal in the main role will impress you and touch your heart by telling you about the forbidden relationship between two cowboys. This is one of the top movie sex scenes that you need to see.

9. Wild Things

This time it is not about men but two very sexy and hot women. Wild Things is an erotic thriller with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards as the main characters. You can enjoy the sex scene when two girls enjoying each other's bodies betraying each other in a swimming pool. As for 1998, such scenes were very provoking. Still, movie fans discuss how amazing those two beautiful actresses played.

10. Titanic

Finally, the last and the most favorite best movie sex episodes ever is young Leo and Kate Winslet from Titanic. They showed a great love and an amazing lovemaking on a soon sinking ship. They were wet, passionate and, of course, Kate's hand on a steamed glass is what we all watch the movie again and again for.

titanic sex scene

We hope that you enjoyed our list of sex in movies and discovered some more exciting movies to watch. Enjoy an awesome acting and learn from world-famous actors and actresses what does work in bed.