How to turn Thanksgiving into Sexgiving?

Have you ever thought of Thanksgiving sex? Probably not, because you associate this holiday with a crowd of relatives, cooking, eating, playing or watching football, participating in parades since you were a child. However, it is never late to become naughty and create new rules for this day. Now you are an adult and your mind should crave for much more entertaining things. Use your body and mind to make a holiday feel hot on a cool November day.

It does not matter whether you are travelling somewhere, stay at home, or just meet up with your family for dinner. Here are 8 great tips that will make you remember the holiday for a long time!

1. Be sneaky

If you are not single, it makes having some fun easier than looking for a hottie. While your house or the house of your parents is full of moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, take your lover’s hand and take him or her to the bedroom. While your family enjoys delicious meals, you can enjoy each other. But do not make it too long; otherwise, you risk to get caught on giving something…

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2. Call your old friends

Meeting up with old buddies is a nice tradition. If you are stuck alone at home and you do not have a partner to do shopping, have a lovely meal, and end up the celebration in bed, giving a call to someone you liked at school or university is a pretty smart idea. Sex on Thanksgiving with your old love can be a great start of a new relationship or a shiny memory in your mind.

3. Shake it out

There are plenty of parties that will gather a big bunch of sexy girls and guys. If you feel too much pressure from sharing time with your family, check on the nearest pub, bar, or nightclub, put your “successful” clothes and head where people usually meet each other. The holiday is a brilliant opportunity to spend an unforgettable night and exchange “Thanks” the next morning.

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4. Give yourself an excuse

If you have not been in a relationship for a long time, make a gift for yourself. Girst, go for a shopping. Whether you are a girl or a guy, you must love buying some nice stuff from time to time. Do not forget to bump into your parents’ house for a meal BUT do not even think of staying indoors after. Pull that nice piece of cloth that you bought earlier and go to a restaurant for a dessert/drink. Probably, you will not wait long until someone single and attractive introduces him/herself to you. Sex thanksgiving is a good reason to break loneliness and let someone attractive to take care of you.

5. Make food look sexy

If you are celebrating the holiday with your partner, use your imagination and decorate the table in seductive style. Do you remember Samantha from “Sex and the city”? She got sushi all over her naked body while waiting for a boyfriend to come. Think of food that can cover your body and allow your partner to taste it from you. No doubts, you will have a very passionate dinner right on a table.

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6. Do a research

Surprising your loved one every time you have Sex is good. But your partner will be very impressed if you prepare a special girl on the holiday. Do a research and find ideas from thanksgiving sex porn videos. The scenes will give you a clue what you two can do in a dining room and how your guests can participate in “celebration”.

7. Get a sexy outfit

Do you want to be a cook or a waitress? Shop for some sexy outfit that will make you behave playfully and excite your partner. The less clothes the better. If you want your partner to get horny and jump on you straight after a dinner, forget about a turkey costume. Yes, it is funny, but you must remember what you aim for. Your partner should rush nibbling the breasts and thighs!

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8. Go to a Special Site

Sex cam sites are a great alternative to the traditional sex. Whenever you come to the site, you get as much pleasure as you want. And, of course, you can experiment with the positions or different fetishes. Why not? Thanksgiving day is not an exception. Your sexy cam models are always waiting for you online on

Thanksgiving ideas for adults

There are plenty of seductive games you can try with your partner or someone that you will catch at your parents’ house, bar, or even a shopping mall. Maybe you can try cooking a dinner together with someone you go out with and have a better look at each other from different angles? Playing a customer and a waiter or a chef and a waitress will give you a lot of joy and make you both be very thankful for having such amazing holiday in a year.

This is a perfect day to give “Thanks”, so try your best and make it a tradition for the future.