10 Weirdest Fetishes

One way or another, everyone of us has own sex fetish. Some get aroused looking at butts. Some love beautiful hair. The others get excited peeping on people getting naked and fucking ( or watching porn, that is pretty much the same).
We bet, you have a point on something special, too. But these are common sexual fetishes and people don't pay a lot of attention to them. Strange and weird practices are much more interesting. All these BDSM, bondage, high heels and foot fetishes get more and more popular within the last years. And it's getting harder to surprise us, but some people manage to do this! Here is our chart of the weirdest and funniest sex fetishes.

10. Panty Sniffers

There are a lot of people that get turned on sniffing dirty panties. Well, this fetish doesn't seem so strange as it's normal to be excited because of the opposite sex scent. So what's weird about that? In Japan and in many other countries this sexual preference has become a business. You can even buy used underwear on a street corner, in a big-box electronics retailer.

panty fetish

9. Feet Hookers

"Foot hooking" is a variation of foot fetish that has been sweeping Los Angeles and New York lately. High-rolling men are ready to pay up to $200 to lick and worship beautiful women's feet. Who knows what is so attractive about feet?

foot worshipping

8. Belly Button Lovers

These guys are called "navel fetishists". They get excited by viewing, licking, tickling, sucking, sniffing, or kissing the navel of another person. Well, not that weird, but strange. What can be sexy about the belly buttons?

navel fetish

7. Girls Licking Door Knobs

Japanese people are famous as the inventors of rope bondage, shibari, eyeballs worshipping. Here is a new idea of the the Fetish kings. Japanese girls lick and suck door knobs. And it's not a joke. It really exists. Regarding the fact that many hands touch those door knobs during the day, this sex fetish sounds literally dirty.

door knobs fetish

6. Yiffling Fans

Yiffling is a sexual fetish that supposes people dressing up in furry animal costumes and having fun. Usually, it doesn't include actual sex. Participants just grope, fondle, and hump on each other. But, of course, there are people among the furries, who fuck being dressed up like a bear or a wolf.


5. Teddy Bear Lovers

The sex fetish for teddy bears is a party of furries' culture. It's name is "Ursusagalmatophilia", which already sounds freaking. Some of these guys (ursusagalmatophiliacs!) modify their plush bears, making them more comfortable for sex. Whew, don't google that, cause you will never touch someone's plush again.

teddy bear fetish

4. Adult Babies

You will never guess what kind of men love to be a kid in bed! Mostly, they are successful and rich dudes, top managers of multinationals and even politics. Surprising? Not at all. Being tired of their leading position, they beg for extra care!

diaper fetish

3. Woolies

Here it's easy. These guys buy wool and then fuck this soft and warm stuff. No love. No cries. No complications and commitments. Just wool and good sex.

wool fetish

2. Fans of Balloons

We bet you couldn't even suspect that some people have an erotic attachment to balloons. They love blowing up balloons or sitting and lying on them. Well, it's not surprising. The feeling is pretty nice as the balloons are silky and soft. But why a lot of guys love to cum on them?

balloon fetish

And now it's time to know more about #1 in our chart. Are you ready?

1. Cake Fart Fetishists

Actually, "Cake Farts" is a subdivision of eproctophilia, which is sexual attraction to farting women. But here the things are more interesting: A girl sits on a cake and farts on it.

fart fetish

Now, you look at the cakes in a different way, don't you?