Sugar Dating: 7 Pros & 1 Con

What do you know about sugar dating? It is when rich men or women “hire” a sexy friend to spend a good time. It is not about love but a good company. For some reason, quite a lot of men and women in their mid-thirties and later do not want to start a serious relationship after a divorce.

Singles that are far away from being called young and hot look for a convenient companionship. You can call them sugar daddies or mamas but to be honest they are just sponsors.

sugar daddy dating

Here are 7 benefits and only 1 disadvantage of sugar babies dating. Check whether it suits your lifestyle, so you will be able to have fun without much responsibility and without spending thousands on escorts.

1. Available friends

When you find a stunning young chick and start sleeping with her, you will also have to take her to bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. If you treat a girl nicely, she will be well-behaved in a bedroom. You should not be surprised if one time your beautiful friend will bring her girlfriends. You will have to spend more money on drinks but you will have a pretty good chance to leave a bar with all of them. Get your baby and her good-looking friend nice pairs of shoes and have an unforgettable threesome. Doesn’t sugar daddy dating work out well?

2. No explanation

Your lovely female friend will soon understand what kind of a relationship you want to have. Sugar relationship is beneficial for independent men 100%. When you are not in a good mood but still want her to get on top of you, she will do it because she basically does it for money. If you were in a relationship, you girlfriend or wife would unlikely be happy to please you if you were rude.

sugar baby dating

3. Simple rules

Once you start dating a girl that agrees to make you satisfied in a bedroom every time you are hard, want to go for a dinner, and meet with your business partners, she will expect some kind of award. Set the rules in the beginning to make it work for both of you. For example, you can give her your credit card and set the limit for shopping. Girls love shopping, so it can be the best “salary” for her. Make it more romantic and go shopping together. Let her try dresses on and show them to you. Get her what she likes and carry on with your companionship.

4. Youth is on girls’ side

Dating a sugar daddy is a great perspective for young ladies because they do not have to worry about cheating. Daddies will be jealous when other guys will look at their young, hot, and sexy girlfriends and they will unlikely cheat on them.

sugar dating

5. No need to work

This is probably the biggest advantage for girls that look for generous men. They say that to be pretty is a job. So, an older man that wants to spend time with young girls will have to spend a lot of money. Beauty salons, boutiques, and posh restaurants – this is what sugar babies expect. Sugar babes also do not have to pay rent. They can just start living with their rich daddies in the beginning of a relationship and forget about work. Some girls do not actually live with daddies because they serve a few men at the same time. Smart babies arrange dating with two sometimes three gentlemen and have a really gorgeous life.

6. Ego-boosted

The majority of older men that seek charming young ladies on sugar daddy dating sites still want to feel important ad attractive. Finding a 25-year-old girl is the best way to boost your self esteem. In this way, older men prove the world that they are still powerful concerning money and sex.

7. Happy end

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You may finally fall in love with your sugar match. There were cases when 50-year-old gentlemen married young and beautiful girls. Women love rich men, so wouldn’t they say “Yes!”?

There is one con that you should know about before you start daddy or sugar mama dating. We tend to get comfortable and sometimes we do not even notice that we get used to simple things like a plate, sunglasses or trainers. Especially, we tend to get used to people. So, this is the only one disadvantage of dating a very young girl or guy. You can simply fall in love and become attached. If you look for a sugar dating exceptionally, then you will have to keep in mind that it is only a kind of game or let’s say arrangement.

Maybe you can be very happy together in the end if you both fall in love with each other. However, if your date treats you like a sponsor only, then your feelings may get hurt.