Your Cam Modelling Career

How to Become a SUCCESSFUL Webcam Model? Revealing All the Secrets

Do you want to be successful and make good money? Do you want to be loved and craved by the guys? Yes? Then use your advantages, which include not only your beauty and sex appeal, by the way!

There are some features that are not popular among the models, but are very useful. Do you see those small icons in the girls' profiles - a phone icon and an HD icon? These are the options that can give you some advantages. Just imagine, over 50% of the site's users want to hear your voice! So when you turn on the sound ( a phone icon, remember?), you automatically become more desirable. And, keep it in mind!, your profile gets the first positions on the Firecams.

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What else can be helpful for you? Let's get to know!

Phone calls

Just 10% of the performers use phone calls, but you shouldn't waste this chance to become popular. You wonder how it works? Well, making a long story short, there is a third party that connects you and your partner. This means that the phone number you specify in your profile is not visible. When people call you they don't see your number as well as you don't see theirs. Despite all this secrecy, these phone calls make people trust you more, feel more involved to the action, and them more interested in contacting you (not anyone else).

Be an Open Book Only for Premium Members

All the guys here want to see you naked. They want a free show, too. Do not fulfil all these desires. Reveal all your secrets only in private shows and make shows only for premium members! But do not be "greedy", give guys a good tease.

Be Attractive. Always

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What's the difference between a top webcam model and an ordinary girl who wants money for sex? Any top cam girl knows she is a model, a kind of celebrity. This means she always looks impeccable. She wears a nice make up, teases with sexy outfits and do not finish every phrase with "I can show that in a private chat only!". Be polite and look attractive. This is you key to success.

Be Online Frequently

Don't disappear! Come online frequently. And, of course, let your online friends know when you're back. They will be happy to know it and come back see you again on the right time.

Show yourself!

Do not forget to change positions when you are in a private chat to let your fans see you from different angles and enjoy your beauty. Also, when you move, the chat gets more intense, interesting and exciting.

Stick to our advices, make your shows interesting, be a good chat partner at our camsite and you will become successful very soon. Also, never forget to reply or drop a message to your fans, even if they have just a free membership. Remember, they can give you some good tips, too!