Which are the Best Sex Toys for Webcam Models?


When looking for a toy for use on cam, your focus should be on its appearance as well as the satisfaction which you can get from it. There are many options on the market, and this can make the decision-making process overwhelming. Below are the top 10 sex toys in this regard. Enjoy.

The magic wand

Most cam girls use this sex toy, and it is not for naught. With this toy, you can experience strong orgasms within minutes, and thus, your viewers will have the time of their life. It comes with varying speeds, allowing you to take charge of how fast or slow the vibes are as you set the pace that gets you to the big finish. It is also soft to allow you to be comfortable as you let go and enjoy the motions.

Real Skin Dildos

When buying a dildo, you can choose to get one that is more realistic in appearance as this will further excite your audience. Thanks to the growth of technology, sex toy companies now manufacture dildos with real skin appearance and a smooth feel. In this way, you get to feel like you are using the real thing and your viewers soon forget that it is a dildo, thus making them enjoy every stage of the session. These dildos also get warm and retain the heat upon insertion, making your experience pleasurable.

Glass Dildos

Depending on your audience, you may want to settle on something that is not realistic in appearance, and that is where these toys come into the picture. They look pretty and are thus not intimidating. They come in a broad range of molds and designs to fit your mood. Thanks to their girly nature, they enable you to make a statement on cam and will have your viewers coming back for more.

G-Spot massagers

There are several such options on the market, and one noticeable thing about them is that they have an aesthetic appeal to them. What’s more, they come in waterproof and smooth materials, enabling you to be comfortable as you take your fun to all kinds of environments. Your viewers will surely enjoy seeing your eyes roll back in pleasure as the toy hits the right spot. You also get to play about with the settings.

Clit stimulators

Other than G-spot massagers, cam girls also look for clit stimulators to help them get more out of their solo plays. Clit stimulators work at helping you get a stronger orgasm by stimulating one of your most erogenous zones. When getting a sex toy of this kind, be sure to get one with variable speed settings to help you set the pace at which you are most comfortable.


Vibrators are available in all shapes and sizes, and they differ from dildos in that they come with vibration settings. With vibrators, you can derive pleasure even from the smallest of toys as what matters is the strength of the vibrations. As such, look into the strongest vibes that you can get. You can also check out handless vibes as they will help you play about with other parts of your body as you will your body to cum.

Nipple stimulators

To get to the point of cumming, a lot of factors come into play, one of them being the stimulation of your most erogenous zones. Nipples are very sensitive, and with the right stimulator in tow, you will be beaming from ear to ear as you give in to the pleasure. The best way to go about this is to get a clit and nipple stimulator as this will aid you in hitting two birds with one stone. Your audience will truly enjoy your performance.

Pussy pump

One of the attributes that people love about pussy pumps is that they get to see your pussy swell as you pump. It is thus a sure way to get your viewers’ hearts pacing as you too get to enjoy the pulsations you get from the toy. In time, you will notice that reaching the point of orgasm gets to be more relaxed and your pussy gets tighter than before.

Rabbit vibrators

As opposed to stimulating one body part at a time, these toys work to pleasure the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously, thus resulting in an explosive orgasm.


Whereas vibrators give off vibrations, these sex toys work using pulsating, and they thus mimic the sensation that you would derive from penetration. They, therefore, feel real and elicit strong orgasms. What’s more, you can use them both anally and vaginally, thus making them versatile. You can also use them hands-free, increasing the number of styles in which you can use them. They, therefore, have grown in popularity over the years.

There are many choices when it comes to the best sex toys for camming. However, there is no doubt that the top 10 sex toys mentioned above will have both you and your audience begging for more.