Best Sex in the Bathroom

To feel something new in sex you don`t have to leave your apartment. You can find new exciting places to have sex at home. One of them is your bathroom. Sex in the shower can be practiced in many ways.

Try this!

Washing machine. A very interesting place is a washing machine. You'll be able to entertain yourselves with a lover there. Its vibrations provide otherworldly experience. And when you add appropriate hand movements to this, she would have looong orgasm. Perhaps at the beginning vibration will distract him, but after a while he will certainly catch the rhythm and his own organ will start to vibrate as you want it to.

sex on washing machine

Hot blast. You can use a hair dryer. Turn on it to average mode and air jet will start sweeping each other's body, starting from the top. You can control it freely, painting circles. Such air dryer massage can stimulate the nipples even of those women who do not usually respond to pleasure like that. This game will become more sensual when you use alternate warm and cold stimulation.

shower masturbation

Shower head. Although it does not vibrate, shower head can bring fantastic pleasure. In the end, many women certainly tried something like this, because masturbating with the help of stream of water in the shower is a common way of stimulation.

Want more?

If you prefer to give pleasure to your partner only with your body, try some of these ways.

Your rules. Come to your partner from behind and seize her hands. Move fast and a little bit aggressively.

Top down. Head massage is very exciting for men. Take some shampoo and rub it in circular movements of the fingers in a clockwise direction, slowly moving from the temples to the nape.

Oral. Lean back against the wall and put one foot on a ledge of the bathroom. Let your lover fall on her knees.

Face to face. Ask your man to sit cross-legged. Now, sit down to face him, clasp his legs move at your own pace.

shower with your boyfriend

Under the water. Ask him to stand under the shower make the flow of water go onto his cock, and now use your tongue. Hot water and your tongue would get him to ecstasy.

Shower doggy. Get on your knees and let your partner will be on your knees and do you from behind.

In order not to turn your sex into a visit to the trauma center, choose a stable position. And use lubricants.

Good luck and write about your feelings about all of it!