Sex with Puppets. A New Trend in Webcam Sex Industry

I fucked the puppet! This is what one webcam model wrote about and shocked a lot of people. She makes her living by performing hilarious and horrifying sex acts with the puppet whose name is Slappy. Sounds pretty weird but this is what she does and this is what a lot of people watch. This girl was not embarrassed to tell her name and describe what exactly she is doing in her live chat.

Her name is Veronica Chaos, she has her own page and performs on a web camera. However, she does not do it alone and her partner is not a human. It is a puppet, Slappy, who she uses to show her watchers vigorous sex for money. She started as a stripper in a club but it was not professional and she did not get good money. Therefore, she decided to try doing the same but at home. Veronica learned how to be a cam girl but she used to have from 10 to 20 people only in her chatroom. Her name was moving from page 1 to 2 and then her chat ranking was falling down. Soon, she discovered that a lot of girls do it and she needs to create something that will take watchers’ attention. She came across to the idea to talk to someone who would listen to her. So, she bought a puppet and became a puppet girl.

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She bought a how-to book about ventriloquism and started practicing it with her puppet on the camera. She says it was a hard job but she tried her best. She realized that there is no other cam girl who does the same on the Internet. Soon, the number of her watchers started growing. She tells that a lot of people laughed at her videos but the majority was interested and kept watching the videos until the end. It inspired her to go to the next level. She bought a new puppet and called him Slappy, just like a star from Night of the Living Dummy. Slappy was her favorite character and when she found his replicas on Amazon she was really happy because her dream was coming true.

The girl puppet tells really ridiculous things. She told that her live chat watchers asked her to have sex with pretty everything that they have seen in her room: lamp, a bottle of water, hairbrush, and even glasses. One day someone asked her to have sex with a dummy and this is how things started. She said that when that person asked her to have sex with a puppet, she did not expect it but decided to do it. She also decided to write an announcement on her page saying that she is going to fuck a dummy and her room immediately was topped up with an incredible number of watchers. It was the biggest audience Veronica has ever performed in front of online.

She woke up the next morning feeling totally embarrassed for her show. The only one reason you will not expect why she felt shy is because she liked it. She used a horrifying fetish in front of hundreds of watchers on the Internet but she enjoyed it. Still kept performing with the doll, however, she felt uncomfortable because the Slappy puppet could not speak to her. She added theatrical elements like musical duets to the show to cover up the awkward silence.

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Veronica came up with a new idea – she decided to attach a dildo to a doll and her viewership went way up. The audience grew from 10 people to a 1,000. Some of her watchers stayed online just to see whether she is really serious about puppet webcam fuck, some laughed but most of them became her fans. As things went well, the girl started writing skits and full-blown storylines to keep her regular watchers curious about upcoming videos. One of the latest skits was a proposal. The Slappy has proposed to Veronica on a St Valentine’s Day. The wedding itself will be filmed and then shown to her fans.

The weirdest thing on Veronica’s channel is when Slappy ejaculates with fake blood. This is a definitely a murderous moment among other strange things that she does with the doll. Videos with titles as girl fucks ejaculating dildo are very popular. A lot of webcam models use such fetish which entertains the watchers. However, it was not enough for Veronica and she decided to use a fake blood. The girl also tells that she started thinking of the doll as of her partner. She becomes nervous when she thinks about their wedding. She even said that she will get very upset if her loved one disappears. Seems like the slappy girl really believes in the game she is playing and considers a doll as her true friend and a lover who she has feelings for.

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There are millions of web cam girls who perform every single minute on the Internet. Young and mature ladies are not shy taking their clothes off and show a live xxx performance on the camera. Watching nude girls with the ability to talk to them and give commands does excite people. However, such huge number of sex cam girls who offer the same services will soon start dropping. Maybe, puppet fetish is a new fashion and Veronica’s story will become an inspiration for other open-minded girls who want to earn money on the Internet.

You can see Veronica Chaos on Twitter. She performs every weekend and her show will certainly shock you. In a good way or bad, depends on your perception but you will definitely not see a puppet fuck like that anywhere else.