One-Finger Selfie Challenge

One finger selfie challenge is a let’s say a competition of selfies made by people that cover their nude body parts. You have to stand in front of the mirror and cover a reflection of your nipples and genitals using only one finger. Probably, you think it is a joke because it does sound strange…

To make one, you have to find the right distance between you and the mirror, so your finger simultaneously hides your boobies and privy parts at the same time. Did you find that strategically right position? Take a few hot selfies and choose the one that can compete with millions of other photos.

hot selfies

Actually it is quite fun because it will definitely take you a couple of minutes to cover your modesty with only one finger. But if you extend your arm to the mirror and try to put a finger in front of a private body part, you will successfully hide your breast – this is what you must see one the screen of your iPhone. Who do you think started doing it first girls or guys? Girls! Probably because they just love standing in front of the mirror for hours and taking nude selfies. Then, they check how good they look from the front, side and back…

The story

The trend of taking such selfies came from Japanese anime illustration on August 16th, 2016 and has already become viral. Sky-FreeDom is the name of the female artist that created an illustration with a half-naked girl that is taking picture of herself and covers her privates with one finger. Once the illustration appeared on the internet, millions of gals and guys became interested in repeating the trick.

sexy nude selfies

Maybe some people just like the idea of challenges and competitions like ice-buckets, cinnamon, the mannequin and, of course, the Kylie Jenner lip that have also become very popular over the last few years. Or maybe a lot of people want to gain attention by showing their almost naked bodies. They have probably thought “Oh, finally, someone created a great idea to cover nipples and genitals, so now my followers can see me hot and sexy.”

Naked fame

As long as nowadays a lot of people earn money adding sexy selfies on social media, one photo like that will bring a huge audience and money to the owner’s account. However, a lot of people did not understand a new fashion for taking such selfies, so they decided to express their criticism in November 2016. They took selfies by flipping their middle finger to their mirror while being fully dressed.

naked selfies

Today, people are willing to do anything to gain fame on the internet. Clothless photos competition will become more and more popular around the world and who knows maybe finally people will not even have to cover their privates? Anyway, if you want to attract people to your Instagram account, sexy nude selfies is the right choice!

If you missed challenge 2016 and want to compete the next year, watch the video of Aimee Davidson on YouTube. The girl will guide you how to make a perfect selfie covering any part of your body in the mirror reflection. Maybe you can create a new selfie fashion? What would it be? Maybe a good idea is asking someone to cover your boobs while you are taking a selfie? It will be fun for couples!

one finger selfie

Naked girl selfies make guys improving their imagination. Men just cannot skip photos of nude ladies that cover their most beautiful body parts with only one finger. It is definitely a clever idea to take a nude selfie and send it to the guy you date. Let him think and imagine how your hidden spot looks.

one finger selfie challenge

Maybe for your girlfriend or boyfriend such photo will become a great surprise but you must be prepared for a new challenge. Your social media account visitors may shame your body and leave negative comments about your look.