Best Sex Positions

Sex life is a very important part of a love relationship. In this article we will look at some positions with their possible variants, which do not only help keep the passion and interest in each other, but also bring in your love life really fantastic moments and emotions!


Rush of blood to the head, causing new experience. Get to the bed edge and let him lie and touch the floor with his head and shoulders.

Stairway to Heaven

Nice opportunity to support themselves with their hands, and do not need to wait until you get to the bedroom! The ladder is a good opportunity to sit back and handrails can provide additional support.

Spin Cycle

This kind of a hot seat position brings additional pleasure if partners are sit on a top of a washing machine with some turbo mode on.

Swiss BallBlitz

Do you have an exercise ball at home? Then use it. He sits on a ball, his feet are on the floor. You have to copy the partner pose, sitting between her legs. And now just move!


best sex positions

Pose 69 acquires oral delight to both about accomplices. A lady may be on the top, she can change the force of the oral incitement claiming her clit, raising alternately bringing down the pelvis.


A great position may be a hovering butterfly. A partner is able to direct position of a tongue and the power of his touch, climbing up or dropping down. She climbs on the man, putting her knees on both sides of the head.

Snow Angel

As a advantage, get a view of an ass of man. She can lie on her back, and she needs him to ride, but he should do it in the opposite direction. She can raise her legs and grab the partner`s back, to raise the pelvis, so that it can enter a vagina.

Spoon, face to face

It is a very comfortable position, which allows hug and kiss a loved one. It is perfect if you are pregnant or have a pain in a knee, because you shouldn`t support your bodyweight or your partner's body.

Missionary Pose

The possibility of prolonged eye and physical contact. Mostly used position is a missionary one - this is particularly intimate because you are face to face.

Quickie Fix

Faster penetration, it is good for a quick kitchen sex , especially if you are a woman in a skirt.

Couch surfer

Partner is on a sofa, and her partner enters from behind. Here multiple stimulation with minimal effort is an advantage.


good sex positions

Deep penetration . He enters a partner from behind so that he can penetrate so deep that the tip of the penis can touch the cervix.

David Copperfield

Under her hips you can put a pillow to raise her pelvis. Use your tongue to give her pleasure.

So these were most popular and usually used sex positions, hope you got the information on how to give pleasure to your partner, even if your are having just sex on cam.