Mia Khalifa: The Latest News of 2017

Did Mia Khalifa have sex with fan? Are you one of those guys who is keeping up with porn stars on their social media pages to catch the right moment and send them a message when they are online? It is hard to believe that you can possibly reach any of celebrities and get a reply on your message. However, there is one lucky guy got a reply from Khalifa after sending her a direct message in Twitter.

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It is really incredible that a guy got a reply from Mia because in Twitter you can only message someone if they follow you. Khalifa says she receives messages from people it is for a reason. So, she does follow some of her fans and is interested in them. The guy who send her a message got a reply and even hooked her up. The porn star does not deny it! She said that recently she decided to answer the message and now she is seeing the sender…Do you think they see each other or do they have some kind of different dates?

Another piece of news shocked Khalifa’s fans: One of the most popular porn stars is leaving porn industry and wants to become a cook. She is looking for pots and pans! What is that? Is she really interested in cooking and having sex on the camera was just for becoming famous? Mia the porn star posted a message in her Twitter saying: “ I updated my wishlist and am officially taking recipe requests! (Don't let the hat fool you, I can cook more than turnovers). Just add the dish you wanna see me make and your social media handle in the note when you send something. Link is in my bio for the next 24 hours”

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You would ask why does she do it? She is famous enough and people follow her social media accounts just to see her hot shots, write a comment, and get lucky be receiving a message like that guy. Maybe Mia Khalifas videos on various adult content services do not bring her enough money or is just to show fans that she cares about them and willing to interact with them by cooking dishes they want her to…

Who knows maybe we will never see this busty brunette with big boobs in nude videos again but you still can watch her mixing eggs for cream. You can even help her by spending $20 on her cookbook or send her high-end pans and pots. She has already written her Amazon wish list and considering cooking as a serious job. If you want her to make your favorite meal, forward her the recipe and she will do it. Just imagine one of the most recognized porn actresses and web cam models is making your favorite dish? Sounds pretty sexy!

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Follow her Twitter to see pics of meals she makes. To be honest, this girl is not only good naked in front of the camera. I bet her meals tastes as good as her p*ssy. Her social media page has more photos of food than her selfies in sexy lingerie. Seems like she is really into cooking and professional porn is already in the past. However, while she is cooking and taking her fans attention away, she may prepare a good portion of hot adult videos. Who knows but I think this girl will keep surprising the world!

If you still have not heard about Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese American webcam model and a pornographic actress, you should definitely check on this girl on the Internet and find out about her. The fact alone that she was born in Beirut, Lebanon, probably makes you wonder how she became a porn actress. She moved to the USA when she was 7; and at the age of 22, she became the most popular model whose name was number one at Pornhub adult site.

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