Kim Kardashian Held at Gunpoint and Robbed

Last week Kim Kardashian was approached by a strange guy who tried to kiss her bum but was stopped by a bodyguard. Tonight she was robbed by two gunmen. The first thought that appears in my mind: "Maybe that poor guy tried to take revenge?". Sure, Kim's jewelry is not that precious as her ass, but it's something at least.


Joking apart, poor (is she now?) Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint at a luxury residence behind Paris's Madeleine church. Two guys dressed up as police officers fooled the concierge and made their way to the house. They found Kim in the bathroom (lucky guys!) and made her give them a ring worth four million, some other jewels (6 million) and her mobile phones.


Ok, we can understand why they took the jewelry. What about the mobiles? Do they plan to publish some more Kim's nudes? That would be interesting, however we've already seen Kim Kardashian naked and in different positions.
Luckily, Kim is ok now. She is unharmed, but horrified. The family still keep silence and don't comment the incident. Just Kanye West abruptly ended his performance in New York yesterday night. Guys, we worry about you, we need to know the details!