Brangelina Divorce: Brad Pitt Sleeps with Marion Cotillard and Russian Hookers?

Life is an unpredictable and surprising thing, isn't it? Just a decade ago the world was divided. One half was very sad because of Jennifer Aniston, the other was extremely happy for Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt. These two officially annouced that they were a so-much-in-love couple. Time passed and now Jolie experience the same as Jennifer Aniston some ten or eleven years ago.

jolie-pitt marriage

On October 20, 2016 Angelina filed for divorce. No Brangelina anymore. Why? Joile doesn't want to give a lot of information, citing irreconcilable differences in the documents. The rumor says that Marion Cotillard, who stars in the upcoming film "Allied" with Pitt, is the reason. And this seems to be true, though Marion denies her affair with Pitt. Why?

angelina jolie

Well... Have you ever noticed that Angelina Jolie looks too skinny, too exhausted and (let's face it) old the last months? Yes? She definitely loses her charm. And now take a look at Marion Cotillard. She is fresh, beautiful, seductive and has a magnificent body. Convinced now?

marion ctillard nude

But that's not all! Marion was not enough for Brad. A private eye hired by his wife reported that Pitt was cheating on Jolie with Cotillard while also behaving like a single guy on a mission. The parties full of hard drugs and Russian hookers have become a part of his lifestyle. Truly, no fool like an old fool. Anyways, I can understand him. Why should he spend time with his tired and (I bet it!) shrewish wife and a bunch of kids, when he can enjoy his life to the fullest?

What's next? Me, I'm logning to know all the dirty detailes of this divorce, private sex video included. I'm sure that Angelina's private detective has shot at leat one. And what about you?