How to Start a Conversation with a Girl?

Every guy, if he is not a pick-up master, knows how hard it is, striking up a conversation with an unknown girl. You see Her, your perfection, in a coffee shop or in a shopping mall. She smiles at you. You smile back, but cannot make yourself to break the ice with the girl of your dreams. What detains you? You know the answer. This feeling's name is "fear".

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You make excuses in your head: “She is too beautiful for being single.” Or, “She is out of my league”. “It's not my day today”. What else? Forget them all! You need to know that there is NO Secret in starting a conversation with a girl you like.

start a conversation with a girl

How's that? Well, all the obstacles are just in your head. So forget about everything, and approach her. It's only talking to her, you have a chance to know what's on her mind, whether she likes you or not. Just be confident. Be yourself.

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Though there is no secret in striking up a chat, there are some in holding her attention. First of all, be a gentleman. Do not make dirty jokes, especially about herself. Let her speak when she wants, do not interrupt her. Then, make a nice compliment. Tell the girl you like that she has gorgeous face, amazing eyes or fantastic hair (do not mention her butt or boobs, please!). And, of course, make her laugh. Make funny remarks or humorous comments about your surroundings, but don't be rude or vulgar. If you keep this balance, you will get her phone number. Everyone loves funny gentlemen. And yes, the same tips work for online chats as well. Good luck!