Avoid Sex Traumas

Sex Injury, Really?

We love sex very much and cannot compare this feeling to anything. But what if it turns out that sex can jeopardize your health! Often we do so unconsciously. In the frenzy of elation we forget the limitations of his own body and do get hurt.

sex trauma

Doctors prepared a list of the most common injuries as a result of various sexual positions. The most common symptoms include:

  • Stretch of the muscles,
  • Backaches,
  • Dislocation of the arms or wrists,
  • Fractures of fingers,
  • Penis fracture.

Most Dangerous Position

A recent study published in the journal "Advances in Urology" shows that the damage to the penis most commonly occurs during the "rider" position. According to doctors, this risky position could cause injuries of 50% of men. Another 29 % are the result of the "doggy style", and only 21 percent attribute traumas to "missionary" one.

Injury to the penis is probably the most painful consequence of reckless sex. However, do not forget about other ailments.

girl on top sex

Strain of the back is a common accident when a woman is pushing it with all the bodyweight - for example, in the pose of a "rider".

Even a simple position "doggy style" can cause unpleasant consequences. Partners complain about rubbing elbows, knees, and pain in the spine.

doggy style sex

Can sex prevent whiplash injuries? Of course, so be aware of the correct upright posture. Chest should be pushed forward, shoulder blades must be pulled back. The pelvis should be slightly bent forward.

Trying to make your sexual life brighter, you do not have to end up with serious health problems. Stay Safe! Simply keep in mind these points. And next time you make "doggy style" love, put a towel under your partner's knees.