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5 True Facts about BDSM that You Should Know

If you read or watched “50 shades of grey” and think that this is what bdsm is, then you still have no idea what it truly is. While millions of people appreciate the book or the film, BDSM community claims that it is offensive....

10 Weirdest Fetishes

One way or another, everyone of us has own sex fetish. Some get aroused looking at butts. Some love beautiful hair. The others get excited peeping on people getting naked and fucking ( or watching porn, that is pretty much the same). We bet...

Sex Toy Fetish: New Toys and Classic Accessories

Do you like sex toys? Some people can’t imagine their sex life without them! Sextoy industry grows madly, and the toys become better and better each year. If you want to keep an eye on everything that arrives on the market, our blog fits your needs perfectly. We’re keeping track on stuff all the major manufacturers produce, so you can rest assured you’ll be among the first ones to learn about all the new toys released as long as you’re following this blog.

Of course, no sex toy can replace a living human partner, but let’s be honest: even if you have a partner, you’re going to have, ahem, ‘solo sessions’ anyways. Normal humans masturbate — it’s a fact. It’s just the way we are — everyone needs some ‘me-time’, at least sometimes. When you’re having sex with someone, there can be loads of scenarios, but when you’re all alone, everything’s the same, unless you have a nice toy to play with.

Porn industry makes emphasis on toys for females, but there are lots of male sex toys. Artificial vaginas and penis sleeves, ball locks and cock harnesses, cock rings and male vibrators — this list could be endless. Plus, there are toys for gays and toys for heterosexual guys — those can’t be used without a female partner. Plus, there’s teledildonics (also known as cyberdildonics): a remote sex technology, to be short.

If you wanna follow the adult sex toys industry, following our blog is a must. We’ll always be the first ones to post reviews on the new arrivals and follow every serious manufacturer in the world. Stay tuned and you won’t miss anything!