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8 Working Dating Tips for Men

If you think that only women care about how to impress men, you are wrong. Actually, it is time to reveal your worries and say that you also want to be seen only in a good light. If you have been looking for a relationship for quite some ti...

Sugar Dating: 7 Pros & 1 Con

What do you know about sugar dating? It is when rich men or women “hire” a sexy friend to spend a good time. It is not about love but a good company. For some reason, quite a lot of men and women in their mid-thirties and later...

Make Web Dating Work: 5 Tips for You

Having an account on a dating site is very useful even if you are searching for a partner in restaurants, bars, or nightclubs. Spending time online will give you a company of hundreds of beautiful women or handsome men. Some people believe...

Create Good Online Dating Profiles

A good profile is a start of your happy life in future. And creating a profile on a dating site includes some easy steps as well as some difficult ones. Giving information about your age and marital status are considered to be easy (well, i...

Dating Advice: a Short Guide to a Perfect Date

When you’re reading dating advice on the Internet, everything seems simple enough. But when it comes to practice… You know, just forget everything you’ve read before. Wanna know how to tackle real problems? We can teach you that! This blog is dedicated to solving those issues, not avoiding them. We’re gonna teach you how to be a strong personality and attract the most suitable partners.

First date advice is the most essential part of it, but remember that although the first date is important, everything that follows it is much more complicated and every dating episode influences your relationship essentially. We realize that, and our blog is dedicated to dating as a process, not an episode. Although if you aim at one-time encounters, you’re gonna find it interesting as well, because the main thing is the understanding of how everything works, not learning some magic algorithm that’s going to help you get laid with chicks.

Dating advice for men will occupy more than the half of this blog. Study proves that men are less convenient and spoil everything more often than women do. We want to change that, in fact, we just want people to learn how to enjoy their time. In most cases disappointment doesn’t come from your partner: it’s a result of your own prejudice.

But we can’t leave women out in the cold. Dating advice for women will also take an essential part of our blog as we realize women can feel unconfident and insecure and have just the same problems as men. We’re here to help guys and gals understand each other’s needs and act according to each other’s interests. Wanna date successfully? Subscribe now!