How much money can a webcam model earn?

How much money do cam girls make? If you are a girl, this article can become a “door” for you to enter the business and start earning money by showing off your beautiful body on the camera. Of course, millions of people will get to see you online but if the idea of being seeing on the Internet attracts you, then you are welcome!

Webcam girls get paid by performing in live chats. They strip off, play with sex toys, and follow watchers’ commands. The good thing is that every model can choose what she is willing to do and what is forbidden for her fans to ask. It is not a surprise that those webcam models who get completely nude of the camera and ready to satisfy any of watchers’ dreams get paid more since the majority of adult chats’ fans want to have sex through the camera on a laptop of a mobile phone.

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One of the popular female webcam models who they call The Queen of Cam Girls earns $5 per minute. The lady’s name is LittleRedBunny and she has been camming for over 5 years. She also communicates with her fans in social media which increases people’s interest towards her. If this girl can make 5 bucks per minute, it means that she can make $1million a year. This is really impressive!

Webcam models usually perform in live chats where they can meet with hundreds of visitors. However, some girls who are interested in making more money, perform in private sessions, where the watchers can satisfy their unique sex fantasies. Such sessions are paid more. LittleRedBunny says that it is not that easy as some girls think. Some private sessions can last more than 10 hours and it can push so many webcam models away. So, you should understand that making money as a cam girl is a hard work but if you love it and want to get paid well, you have to do what your customers desire.

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Girls, who have been in the industry for a year usually charge from 2 to 3 dollars. The price also depends on how good you can be in front of the camera. Young girls who start camming usually feel shy and awkward and, of course, the watches can easily spot it. Some adult chat visitors like amateur girls, still the majority of men prefer chatting with experienced girls who worth the money.

Apart from earning money, girls should understand that there will be spendings on nice clothes and lingerie, shoes, make-up, high-quality camera, sex toys, etc. The better you look and the more entertainments you can offer your chat visitors, the more popular you will become. Consistent earnings will come from the numbers of hours you work and how many people watch you. By working same hours every day, you will be able to attract a bigger audience than girls who pop up online whenever it suits them.

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Average webcam models consistently earn $50 per hour. On good days with many visitors and a few private sessions, girls make up to $100 per hour. Approximately you can earn up to $50,000 a year if you work 10 hours per week. Not bad, isn’t it? It all depends on how much money you need. While some girls study in the university and badly need money for renting a flat, buying food, and trying to pay bills some girls simply enjoy camming a few hours per day. 20$ per hour can be enough for a girl who likes to flirt with guys but it may not be enough for a student of a single mother.

Now you know all details and secrets of how to make money as a cam girl. First, you need to think whether it is a good job for you. Will it be easy for you to take your clothes off and get in front of the camera while someone is watching you? Think of how many hours you can not only perform but stay logged on. A lot of guys enter live chats at night and the chance to meet you among those girls who are still available for a chat is very high. Are you willing to entertain guys at night in private sessions to earn your money?