The Best Sex Movies On Netflix You Are Bound To Watch

If you’re searching for some adult stuff on Netflix, the given list of the best sex movies on netflix will undoubtedly come in handy. Real-life sex scenes have never been so close to you.

Taking a look at the best sex movies on Netflix

Have you ever thought about porn on Netflix? Is it possible to find porn there? Well, formally, it doesn’t exist on this popular resource, you mean such adult content typical to Brazzers or Pornhub. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to find nudity and awesome real sex scenes in best sex filled movies on Netflix. So, unintentional Netflix porn really exists.   

Since the dawn of cinema, folks have been arguing if there’s a clear line between art and pornography. In fact, there are a lot of movies that actually violate the boundaries of decency if favor absorbing storytelling. Netflix can offer you plenty of such examples, including the best sex trafficking movie on Netflix.  

Here below we have collected brief reviews of the 2019 top 10 sex films of Netflix. These films will navigate you through the world of unintentional porn scenes on the edge of boundaries of decency. 

The Art of Loving (2017)

The movie is built around Michalina Wislocka, the sexual health legend, and feminist. A sexologist and gynecologist who lives in Poland ruled by the Communist party. Such crucial aspects of her profession as contraception as well as the sexual needs of lonely folks were censored at that time. Nevertheless, she has to educate her patients about sex-related issues and underpin their sexual desires.     

Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

This story revolves around two young guys on a road trip in the company of an unmarried and sexually liberated female. The movie comes with a number of graphic sex scenes. We can regard this movie as an erotic drama or just a tale of two guys on their way to maturity. Incredibly directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the movie also offers brilliant acting of Gael Carcia Bernal.   

Nasha (2013)

It’s an Indian erotic drama for those who appreciate foreplay more than sexual intercourse itself. It’s a sensual tale of an Indian student aged 18 who fell in love with his new drama tutor. So, forbidden love is a keynote of this film. That’s something a stalker movie and a romantic drama. You won’t see real nudity in this movie. However, fantasy sequences and good build-ups make this stuff hot.   

The Black Room (2016)

Well, we can note that this film is not for everybody. However, it’s best sex horror movies on Netflix. If you have ever dreamt of sex with demons, you’ll be definitely delighted by it. So, Paul and Jennifer decide to start a new life in an old home. It only remains to conduct an exorcism act to fix the home’s basement. Evil forces use a variety of lusty ways to uncover themselves in the house. Erotic sensations of demonic nature – that’s what you are expected to face during the watch.   

God’s Own Country (2017)

If you are seeking some gay romance taking place in the working class, this movie is for you. It’s a typical example of movies with best sex scenes on Netflix. The story unrolls in the hills of Yorkshire. Johnny Saxby, a young sheep farmer use alcohol to get along with his everlasting boring existence. Suddenly, a migrant worker from Romania comes and change the farmer’s life. Here you can enjoy the stunning English countryside and marvelous sex scenes.  

Duck Butter (2018)

When talking about best sex movies on Netflix, we can’t overlook this film. Two sexually fed-up females have made up their mind to conduct an experiment. They are going to spend time together round the clock, have sex every hour and be 100% honest with each other all the time. At first, they considered it just a game but it helped them to explore their intimacy. The movie is overwhelmed with sex scenes.   

Newness (2017)

 If you are interested in open relationships, Newness will give you a glimpse of it. A couple is bored by their monogamy relationship. They decide to try something new and let other folks taste them. Here you can observe numerous polygamy scenes and get answers to the questions raised by this type of relationship.  

Love (2015)

That’s perhaps a full-fledged porn film on Netflix. Shot in 3D, the film is built around a US learner and his French girl. They decide to try a threesome affair and end up facing complicated relationships. The movie is literally stuffed with beautifully shot real sex scenes, so you could enjoy each penetration and ejaculation.