The Best Sex Games For Your Everyday Intimate Leisure

The easiest way to spice up your sexual life is to play the best sex games. If you’re bored by the same routine in bed with your sweetheart, taste any of those titles listed below. 

A brief overview of the best sex games

Sex games give new sensations and can make your sexual life more versatile and vivid. Before we jump with both feet into the kingdom of best sex adult games, let’s trace the history of this entertainment.  

Back in 1978, a book “Fast, Fiction, and Prediction” by Jasia Reichardt was published. It offered a theory that sooner or later robots will start provoking feelings towards them either negative or positive. The theory proved true and artificial human-like objects really started to generate an emotional response. The first developers of sex games build their products around this phenomenon.

If you are interested in the best free online porn games, these top 10 thematic reviews will guide through what’s available in 2019 for adult leisure.          

Cumming to America

Perhaps, there’s nothing bad in getting down to some cheating when it comes to achieving the maximum realism. In this case, we mean the use of real folks instead of GGI models. 

A typical example of such a specific approach to best adult games are products offered by Life Selector. These are flash sex games that feature real adult performers. What’s more, you have freedom of directing the overall course of the erotic story. 

The most popular representative of Life Selector’s line-up is Cumming To America. In this game, you are expected to have a young chick interviewed for US citizenship. You might have already guessed what kind of interview this babe is expected to face.      


If you are particularly interested in the best board games for adults, we can recommend you a good example – Monogamy. It will be a good amusement for a bored couple. To some extent, it resembles the legendary game “Monopoly” but in this case, something should occur between him and her.    

You require starting with the pink cards just to ask your partner questions. Alternatively, you can ask them to recall their recent sexual encounter. After this shift to the purple cards as well as the red ones for steamy sexual favors. 

Perhaps, the most intriguing thing in this game is that starting slowly it can evolve towards hot sex as we do in real life. That’s a sort of old-school stuff. So, it will take you some time to get used to its rules, but it will pay off anyway.     

3DXChat Porn Game

When looking through the best online porn games, you can hardly overlook 3DXChat. It’s one of the most realistic sex games in the ever released. In terms of graphics, it’s really gorgeous. Advanced physics and realistic avatar modeling deserve special attention.

The game offers nearly unlimited possibilities. You can make your personage fantastic or realistic. You have unlimited freedom of customization making your avatars as unique as possible.    

3D SexVilla 2

Among the best free sex games, this one definitely stands out due to its superb visuals. The level of realism here is unbelievable. 

In contrast with 3DXChat that is an online game, this title is focused on a single-player experience. Here users have an opportunity to share content with other folks via the Thrixxx social network.

The developer ascertains that the game come with realistic physics. The title enables users to realize any sexual dream. All of this makes the title one of the leaders in the niche in terms of realism. Perhaps, the only downside of this game is that you can play it only on a personal computer. Other devices aren’t supported. 

Take It Off 

This exciting stripping card game belongs to the group of the best party games for adults. It’s created for a group of 2-8 adult players. The very essence of the game is to make a girl or boy completely undress. With each outfit taken off, the party becomes hotter. The bonuses include great gift ideas for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.  


Thanks to the support virtual reality, this offline title enables to get immersed into a lifelike erotic experience. Your sensations will be backed by top-notch physics and stunning HD graphics. Despite it’s a sex game, it’s more about building relationships rather than having sexual intercourse.   

Only the PC version of this sex game is currently available. To enhance your sensations, you can utilize Oculus Rift as well as HTC Vive virtual reality headsets.   


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