5 Popular Myths About Anal Sex Get Busted

Is anal sex dangerous? This is what every girl asks when she sees it in porn. It does look interesting but it is unusual. Even though, every porn site has a special category for arse lovers but still for many people this topic is uncomfortable and taboo.

While some people really love anal sex, others shout saying that it is dangerous, wrong, and must be incredibly painful. We decided to discover this subject, found what sexologists say, and willing to give you tips how to do it right if you wonder try it or not. Look through common 5 Myths About Anal Sex and get educated on this topic.

1. It hurts and it will always do

If you know how to have anal sex right, it will not hurt. People who are convinced that porn actresses who have anal sex, on the camera are just sacrificing for money and fame, go through hell pain, it is not true. If you had a bad experience, you definitely did not know how to do it right. Maybe you partner was quick and rough, maybe you were not in a comfortable position, etc. Of course, you should not try to repeat what you see in porn. The actresses and actors are experienced and they know what they are doing.

how to have anal sex

If you want to try anal sex, be patient and start slowly. Ask your partner to use fingers, add sex toys, let him treat you gently, use a lot of lube and make it a foreplay. When you feel relaxed, tell your partner to do small implements and you will see how easy and nice it feels. If it still does not feel how you expect, there is a trick that will work for you 100% when trying first time anal sex. Stimulate your clitoris while your partner penetrates your arse and enjoy!

2. Only prostitutes have anal sex

This is certainly a wrong stereotype. There are millions of mothers in mid-thirties and forties that enjoy this type of sex and regularly practice it with their husbands. People call this type of sex dirty, however, it also can be very romantic and pleasant. People all over the world try different things because human body is curious and we all crave to experience various sensations. If you are not going to get paid for this, it is good and you are not a slut!

3. No need to use condom as you cannot get pregnant

Right, you will never get pregnant if you practice this type of sex. However, there is a list of diseases that are transmitted through anus, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and infectious hepatitis. Such diseases are easily transmitted because the lining of the anus is very thin and can be easily damaged. So, apart from using much lube, do not forget about condoms.

first time anal sex

4. Men do not respect women who do it

If you believe that anal sex is for sluts only because it is dirty and will not make you feel like a woman, it is not true. If you think that your partner will not respect you after you letting him go there, you are wrong. Modern men believe that this is just a nice addition to a normal sex life.

Actually, anal sex makes people in a relationship feel closer and trust each other more. So, if you are going to have first anal sex in your life, leave thoughts about being disrespected. Your partner may fall in love with you even more and enjoy your body longer than he used to as there will be another “place” to discover.

anal sex

5. Your anus will get stretched and you will not be able to control your “needs”

If you also believe that after a couple of times your anus will get stretched and you will not be able to control your bowel movements, it is just a myth. If you have a healthy anal sex, there nothing wrong will happen to your body. You will have a different sensation as your anus muscles will learn how to be relaxed but it does not mean that you will feel like a baby in a nappy.

We do hope that our anal sex guide faded away funny and odd thoughts about the subject. Now you know what you need to have at hand and what you should do to have a positive experience.