8 Working Dating Tips for Men

If you think that only women care about how to impress men, you are wrong. Actually, it is time to reveal your worries and say that you also want to be seen only in a good light. If you have been looking for a relationship for quite some time but nothing really serious happened, maybe you should review your tactics.

We discovered what women like in men and what pushes them away on the first day. If you a tough man, then you should read all our dating tips for men and face the truth. Sometimes you just have to play by women’s rules to attract a girl, who you fancy and want to build a relationship with.

dating tips for men

Here are top advices for single guys to make it work from the first effort!

1. First impression is still very important

Yes, it may sound boring because every article you read women talk about first impression but you cannot deny it if you want to be liked. You may feel super comfortable and cool in your ripped jeans and huge jumper with hood but wearing such clothes for the first date will tell a girl that you take too much pride in the way you look. Better make an impression of a guy who takes care of his look. Do smell fresh and good and you will not have to worry about first few minutes that people usually spend on looking at each other’s clothes and making an impression.


2. Take plans for the first date under your control

Showing a woman that you are capable of deciding for her is very attractive. Making plans for going somewhere where you will comfortable is probably one of the best dating tips for men. It would be a mistake to invite a girl to a noise pub with a big crowd as long as you two would not be able to have a proper conversation. Choose a place where you will feel more confident.

3. Do not do all the talking

Make sure you control yourself on the first date when it comes to talking. Some guys go mad trying to fit long stories about childhood, grandparents, favourite football team, funny moment with mates when they had the first trip abroad in one, maybe two hours. You date can easily get bored of so much information. Women like men who talk short and concise. However, do not by shy to ask your date questions and mix up the conversation.

dating for men

4. Avoid talks about your ex

Maybe some sites with mens dating tips will tell you that revealing the truth about your ex and asking your date about her previous relationship is very useful as long as it will give you an idea what to expect in a new relationship, however, I personally think that talking about ex is must not! It can be sad, awkward, and even jealous. Even if she asks you about your past, say that you are a way more interested in finding out about her here and now.

5. Keep your phone down

It is the era of Internet and sometimes I wonder why people stare in their smartphones even when they are having lunch. Especially, when you are on a date, bringing your phone and putting it on the table is incorrect. Focusing on your phone is the first sign for a girl that you are not interested in her.

6. Offer to pay

Nowadays, it will not be a surprise to hear from a woman “We can share a bill” even on the first day. But you should not decided for her and wait until she gets her purse. Offer to pay. Believe me, it will make her think of you like a real gentleman even if she denies and wants to share the bill. Or you can suggest she pays for a meal or a drink next time you meet up.

best dating tips for men

7. Stay true to yourself

If you do not want to meet a girl for a second date, there is not point to give her a kiss and say that you will call her. Women say that they do respect honest men and hate those, who are not confident to say the truth. Therefore, it is best to deal with an uncomfortable moment and say the girl that you had a good time but you do not think that you would like to meet again, or to be honest and say that you are looking for someone different.

8. Follow Our Online dating tips for men profile

If you are using web dating, then you should remember about making a right impression. As long as pretty anyone can create a profile and correspond with people online, it is important to deliver true information and create an impression of a serious guy, who is looking for a relationship: create a real profile, add a real picture and follow the above-mentioned tips during a conversation. Do not delay with a live first date; otherwise, your new virtual female friend will switch to another message sender.

online dating for men

Hopefully, these online dating tips men from women’s point of view will help you to conquer a nice lady’s heart from the very first date!