7 Movies with Real Sex Scenes

You know, many actors are up to do anything to look natural on the screen. They want to make the scenes as believable as possible. That's why sometimes they are ready to have real sex in front of the camera. While many actors deny that they would have an intercourse with a co-star on screen, there are a few ones who admitted that their erotic scenes were really unsimulated. Do you wonder what movies have such realistic scenes? Here is our list.

1. James Joyce's Women (1985, Ireland)

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James Joyce's Women is based on Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan's play. The same Flanagan played all the six women of James Joyce's: three real ones and three from his oeuvres. This movie is famous for the unsimulated masturbation scene. Shot in real time, the scene shows Flanagan intimately touching her pussy in full view of the camera: caressing her clit, filling her snatch with the fingers. At the same time as masturbating she is reciting Joyce's prose:"And then I asked him with my eyes to ask again, yes, and then he asked me would I, yes, to say yes, my mountain flower. And first I put my arms around him, yes, and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts, all perfume, yes. And his heart was goin' like mad. Yes I said, yes I will, Yes!"

2. In the Realm of the Senses (1976, Japan)

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This movie, as well all the Nagisa Oshima’s movies, is based on a real story happened in 1936. The story concerns Sada Abe, a former prostitute by the way, and her employer Kizicho. She gets sexually obsessed with him after seeing him fucking his wife. They become lovers. Ass the time passes, their love-making gets more and more dangerous. In the end, Sada agrees to be strangled during sex for an ultimate orgasmic fulfillment. All the erotic scenes in this movie are real. The actors truly had sex in front of the camera. So they look very realistic and seductive, especially the one where Sada sucks Kizicho's dick and smokes a cigarette at the same time.

3. Pola X (1999, France)

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This is a very-very strange European movie, where the main character Pierre, a young aristocrate, is very close to his mother. He can even visit her nude in her bath and so on. They happily live together in the castle, when suddenly an enigmatic woman appears in the life of Pierre. She tells Pierre that she is his sister. But this fact doesn't matter for Pierre as he fells in love with this deep-eyed, long-haired, ragged girl. They start living together, but not like all brothers and sisters. They have sex. To make the erotic scenes more realistic, the actors, Guillaume Depardieu and Katerina Golubeva, have a true intercourse on a movie set.

4. The Brown Bunny (2003, United States)

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This movie was called "worst film to ever screen at Cannes" in 2003. Later, in a year, it was remastered and became famous because of the blowjob scene by Daisy (Chloe Sevigny). The leading actors, Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny, were lovers at that time, so Chloe decided to please her boyfriend in front of the camera. Well, why not?

5. 9 Songs (2004, United Kingdom)

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This movie is the story of an older guy (Kieran O'Brien) recollecting his relationship with a young woman (Margo Stilley). And it is all about sex. Moreover, it shows unsimulated sex in a large variety of scenes, from traditional acts to those of an experimental nature. This is the only mainstream British movie that shows a guy cumming.

6. Love (2015, France)

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This is the only movie that shows real sex blowjob, penetration, and ejaculation in 3D. The scenes are very passionate and realistic. Maybe that's why Love cannot be qualified as porn. It shows feelings and not just raw sex. But anyways, it's for you to decide whether this movie is a masterpiece or another 3D porn.

7. Rape Me (2000, France)

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This movie is also known as Baise-Moi, which means "fuck me" in French. It opens with a brutal scene of a gangbang, the gang-rape, which is very realistic. Actually, you are witnessing it in all the slightest details. The leading actors are the well-known porn stars, who actually made a dark, nasty movie out of a hardcore porn video. And yes, all the sex scenes in Rape Me are real.