5 tips to make sex last longer and enjoy your partner

How many times did you finish before your girlfriend? If you found this article it means that you have already faced this problem. However, you are not the only one guy who cannot have a long sex at this period of life. Even doctors say that the problem of “early finish” reaches every single guy at some point. To try your best and wanting to impress your girlfriend or a wife will only make your mind and body finish as soon as possible.

tips to last longer during sex

There are two 100% effective ways to deal with the issue - physical and psychological. Soon, you will be able to experience new sensations during intercourse and get rid of stress and worries about not being able to deliver pleasure to your lover. Today, you will find 5 amazing tips to last longer during sex and making this process enjoyable for you and your beautiful partner. Should we start?

1. Control your orgasm

Maybe you just cannot last long because you do not know your body. You should learn how to regulate sensations in your own body and understand what each means. Try to masturbate and at the time when you are right in the end ready to meet that amazing sensation that is called orgasm, stop, and control your excitements. Of course, it is best not to try it during sex, otherwise, your partner may think you are not feeling right or doubting whether to continue or not.

2. Care about your partner

The ideal alone that you want to deliver your female partner pleasure will definitely make your brain delay the finish. Wait until your girlfriend cums and then you can happily do it yourself. Otherwise, after a sex where you are the only one who is satisfied, your girlfriend will start looking for entertainments somewhere else. Maybe at porn services. The most important is to stop reading articles with headlines such as how long does sex usually last and consider whether you fit in certain frames.

last longer during sex

3. Squeeze technic

One more technic similar to stopping before orgasm is to squeeze the area below the head of your penis. This way, you will push the blood out and lose the sensation of cumming. You can practice it while alone at home and if it works out well, do it during sex and impress your partner with a longer enjoyable process tonight.

4. Use sprays

There are special sprays that kind of freeze your penis. No, you will still enjoy it but the sensations will not be so obvious. The good thing is that spray does not transfer to your partner. However, you need to make sure that a spray does not desensitize your sensations completely, otherwise, it will be hard to get erect. It will work for both of you: while your girl is having fun with your friend down there, you can control the sensation and finish a bit later. Ladies first, right? You can replace such sprays with ultra-thick condoms that guarantee longer pleasure.

5. Pills

There are a lot of drugs that will wake your friend up very quickly. Thera are also a lot of pills that will make you perform longer. However, such drugs have not been approved and may affect your health condition. There may appear side effects or a depression that you will have to treat together with not being able to last as long as you want in bed. If you are thinking of a medical solution, it is best to get a professional doctor’s advice and make a smart decision toward a happier intimate relationship.

long sex pills

How long does good sex last? Remember that duration is not the only key to a successful sex. Also, you can buy a bunch of sex toys and still do not reach the sensation that you are looking for. The most important is quality. However, now you know how to last long, therefore, you can improve the quality every time you jump on your pretty partner.