5 Sex Positions Not to Try

Improving your sex life and finding new sex positions to get more pleasure and experience it together with your partner is good. There are even phone applications that notify you about new positions that are worth trying. However, not always, every new position is clever and needs to be tested. We decided to review all possible position and found 5 that you should avoid. They are simply uncomfortable and dangerous for you or your partner’s health. If you want sex to be pleasant and unforgettable in a good sense, stay away from the following positions:

1. London Bridge

Yeah, it does look good and why not trying it. You think it looks quite easy but do not forget that you partner will have to go on his four trying to hold your weight. He will unlikely be able to relax and make himself feel good – forget about him trying to please you. Your partner should be super fit or a freak of nature. What about you? You will have to try hard moving up and down on you hero but what if your feet do not touch the flour?

kamasutra sex positions

Will you just get stuck there on that poor guy that is stretching his back and trying to hold you?

No! This hot dangerous sex will lead to the Bridge collapsing and you will never wanting to try any new sex position ever again. And if you too fall on the flour, your body weight will press your partner’s spinal cord which can cause a serious injury. It is always safe on your back, isn’t it?

2. The Wanton Wheelbarrow

It is definitely not worth trying but if you decide to you will have a good laugh. So, he has to hold you gripping your waist with your legs in the air and hands on the flour. It is similar to doggy but The Wanton Wheelbarrow needs your legs in the air. Obviously, your man should enter you from the behind.

dangerous sex

Actually, it does not sound too bad but it takes so much energy to first get into one of those kamasutra sex positions and then trying to enjoy it. Your arm must be strong to do that but if you go to the gym, you will have a good chance to demonstrate how strong you are. But if your arms are weak, the guy will have to hold all your body while hi s cock is inside you. Poor! One more point – you will be quite close to his feet and if they do smell bad you will fall down before your arms start shaking.

3. The head game

If you are a guy, just do not put your lady into that awkward and painful position, unless your girlfriend has been practicing yoga for the last couple of years. If you are a girl, you will unlikely relax because at the same time you will have neck and spine pain. Who knows how long your partner needs until he cum? You cannot just wait these and have all your blood coming to your head. So, even if someone tells you that it feels nice, it is smarter to look for easy sex positions and practice them days and nights.

extreme sex

4. The passion propeller

OMG! Is it possible? I thought that men simple cannot turn their penises that way! It is so against the growth! Seriously, it is one of the strangest positions for sex we have discovered. It is 100% dangerous for both. A girl can get hit by a guy’s feet and lose consciousness, while a guy can crack his “treasure” trying to fit it somehow in your honeypot.

sex positions

Do not try it! Just have a laugh imagining a guy spinning 360 degrees around a girl. This position should definitely join the sex position guide for people with supernatural abilities!

5. Swiss ball blitz

Looks fun bouncing on the ball together but it will not be fun when you two fall down from the ball on your backs. To be more precise, a guy will fall on his back and you will fall down on his chest. It is quite a dangerous prospective. It is better to simplify the task and enjoy this position while your partner sits on a couch or chair. If you like to enjoy sex and do not consider it as a good opportunity to work out, forget about squatting on your partner. Your legs will burn!

top sex positions

Hopefully, you agree that those crazy and wild positions may harm you. So, look for safe top 10 sex positions that are worth trying and were checked by millions of couples!