5 New Sex Toys You Must Try

Do not let yourself feel bored when your parent is away for a business trip. You deserve to feel great and satisfied even if your hot lover spends a night in a hotel room somewhere abroad. No doubts, you know a few ways to have an orgasm without having a partner in your bed. However, modern technologies allow women and men be more creative and use electric sex toys.

Nowadays, couples practice having fun using additional tools apart from the body parts. It is fun and works out perfectly for young and mature couples. Partners can watch each other playing with the toys for sex and enjoy themselves. Such toys are the best idea to turn sex into a game and try new ways to satisfy each other.

Welcome! Here is the list of 5 sex tools for men and women that want to experience more sensations than ever. Throw away your old and slow machine that does not cheer you up. Check the best sex toys that will make your mind create burning thoughts!

1. Trojan Vibrating Multi-Thrill

If you like multi-task equipment, this toy is for you. Women love variety, therefore, playing with this nice toy will definitely make them smile. The vibrator comes in three different textures, so it will not make you feel bored.

2. Crave Duet

This is one of the best sex toys for women that have the biggest number of speeds. You can charge it in the USB port in the computer. There are no more batteries that can make the tool fail in the middle of the process. The vibrator has a soft head that splits in two for reaching maximum pleasure.

3. The Pulse

The toy will become a good friend for guys. It reminds of a sleeve for a penis. The toy also has discs that vibrate and bring the desired effect. Actually, one of the most exciting male sex toys The Pulse can be useful for girls as well. When a guy wears it during the sex, a girl will feel stimulation inside. So, the toy will become a great purchase (for example on Christmas holidays) for couples that want to have maximum joy.

4. Lovelife Flex Kegel Set

Do you still remember that training your vagina muscles as important as abs? This Kegel Set will keep your very important muscles in great conditions, so you can impress the guys by having strong orgasms more than a time during the night. According to the latest sex toy review, these “dumbbells” with weight 35g, 45g, and 85g will definitely increase your sexual energy.

5. Ohmibod Bluemotion

If the idea of having an orgasm in public places makes you want to try it quickly, then you should get a free application for the smartphone. The wearable vibe that is placed in a pair of lace underwear will make you feel good during a dinner at a restaurant, on a bus, or in the cinema. It is possible to choose a rhythm, touch, tap, wave, voice and other modes that will make you enjoy pleasant sensations. Ohmibod Bluemotion is one of the new sex toys for using it remotely. Keep your hands off yourself while your partner enjoys controlling it via the app and watching your face!

Hopefully, those pictures and description have already made you think about how good you can feel and what you should tell your partner about once come home after work. Try new sensations and become more experienced in sex with these wonderful “assistants”.

Actually, one of these best new sex toys can become a very memorable gift for your single friend. It is definitely better to come home after a busy day at work knowing that something is waiting for her in bed!