Improve Your Sex Life with 5 Great Ideas From Kama Sutra

If you have already tried candles, sexy lingerie and even whipped cream to make sex better it means that you are open to new ideas. But what about something more unusual that you have never tried and even did not discuss with your friends? What do you think about kama sutra sex?

kama sutra sex

Here are top 5 ideas that will help you to experience sex in a completely new, fresh, and exciting way. Take into consideration at least one idea for tonight and surprise your partner!

1. Do change position

Getting on top or bending over may feel amazing for both you and your partner, however, if you have been practicing only these two positions since you started living together, then it will soon get very bored. You get used to things and any sex position is not an exception. If you want to feel different, take a look at your nude partner from a different angle and show off yourself from a new foreshortening, then you have to try a new position. Kama sutra for couples is the best book for finding a position that will suit your fitness condition and sensations.

kama sutra positions

2. Add colour

According to Kama Sutra, colour is the best way to wake up the feel of romance between two people in love. Focus your attention on red shades. Buy new linen, or at least surround the place where you make love with colourful accessories, like candles or pillows and it will 100% spice up things in your bedroom. If you think that your boyfriend or husband will not even notice the changes, you are wrong. He will unconsciously get into a passionate mood.

3. Do not forget about a foreplay

Check on kama sutra sex moves that will stimulate a sexual desire for your partner and you. There are certain parts of your body that will definitely react on touches. You can both reviews what moves are the best for waking up passion. Try a new way of foreplay and you will see that within a few minutes you will have a wild desire to get on top of each other.


4. Size does matter

The most suitable kama sutra positions for couples are also described in the book. However, to find the best position to have a really pleasant and sensational sex, you will have to check the size of your partner’s penis!!! Depending on the size, the book will show you the positions that will feel the best for you two. For example, the position where you and your partner have to press thighs together will feel much better. So, this is job for both but it is worthy.

kama sutra sex moves

5. Taking care of woman’s needs

Kama sutra suggests that for women the act is much more important that the finish. The best way to satisfy a woman is to take care of her physiological needs. If you partner will be attentive and “scratch” you right where you want it, he will make you very happy. Therefore, do not be quiet or shy to tell your partner what exactly satisfies you.

To go from academic part to practice, you should start from kama sutra porn video and take some tips that will not leave you apathetic!