Top 10 Sex Ideas to Have a Massive Orgasm Tonight

How do you feel about trying something new in bed? If you are excited about bringing some spices into your bed, then meet out brilliant orgasmic tips. We have discovered the most effective ways to get that WOW orgasm. Look at each tip, see what suits you and pick one to impress your partner tonight. Unless you are very curious and can explore all 10 moves in one session!

1. Put on something really nice

If you have been living with your partner for some time, you probably got used to each other and now you two do not even have to make any efforts before you jump on each other. However, remember those times when you picked the best clothes, especially underwear, had nice aftershave/perfume on because you wanted him/her to like you. You may experience new sensations if you wear sexy lingerie and suspenders. Feeling good about yourself in bed is very important. Think of those stunning girls from porn and what they wear. It will give you an idea what to wear to seduce your lover.

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2. Talk dirty

This one will never let you down. If you want to make your fell steamy, just find the right words. Say what you like and what you want him/her to do for you. This should definitely turn you both on and help you to have a mindblowing orgasm. There are no better teachers than actors from xxx videos. Actually, when was the last time you watched it? Treat yourself and grab some nasty phrases!

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3. Become aggressive

Women usually enjoy slow, sensitive, and passionate sex, however for both such thing can become boring. This is what we need to avoid! Try to become a bit aggressive and have a hardcore sex. Tear clothes from your partner, slap him or her, bit each other and speed up. If you have never been aggressive in bed, it may seem very funny to slap your girlfriend or boyfriend; however, she or he may become very horny and have a very intense orgasm.

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4. Do not forget about toys

Bring your favourite toys to the bedroom or shop for a new one together. Review the latest sex toys that are recommended by millions of couples all over the world. Men love watching their partners enjoying themselves while using toys. It can be a vibrator, handcuffs or whip. If you are not ready to use toys, just buy her an eye blinder. She will love it no doubts. If you want to make your girlfriend get a squirting orgasm, buy a nice toy to tease her and help her to use it.

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5. Watch porn

This is not a new advice to improve your sex life; however, you should pay attention what type of porn videos you like the most. If you usually play a random video and make yourself feel good, it is great but you must try to specify what exactly you like to watch. Whether you like black girls or guys, big booty or petite ladies, Asian or Latin women, fetishes, such as feet or smoking, bring it to your life. Find what makes you feel good when you watch orgasm cam. Once you know what moment in a video makes you cum, you will know what to practice in your bedroom.

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6. Use sex chats

Porn is just a first stage to get more sensations and improve your imagination. Nowadays, people use special online platforms that allow you to find a partner on the internet that also wants to have sex through a camera. It is a fantastic idea if you are single and want to have a fun time. If you look for something more naughty than porn, use cam girl orgasm sites. All you have to do is to register and find a partner from any place in the world that craves to have some really good time. Visit a cam chat right now to find a good-looking partner for shagging online.

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7. Change the place

One of the best tips that work 99% is to change a place. It does not mean that from now on you should start having sex on a dining table or in a bathroom. However, you should become spontaneous and get laid at the exact place where you have been when the idea of getting your partner’s clothes off came to you. Why do not pull your girlfriend’s knickers off while she is making toasts in the kitchen or brushing her hair in front of the mirror in the bathroom? If you cannot think of any place in your apartment, then watch orgasm video and spot places where couples do it apart from a bedroom.

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8. No deodorants?

You think something is wrong with this tip but actually, it is a really good one and if it works, you will have a very high chance to experience new and very strong sensations. Sexologist Eric Garrison recommends to go fragrance-free for a week to wash off all those artificial scents off yourself. We all have our personal musk that drives our partners mad and brings that strong orgasm sex. However, your partner has probably never experienced it. It does not mean you should skip having showers, just leave a soap, shower gel and aftershave for a week to go wild like animals.

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9. Stand up!

You have been practicing enough horizontal positions. It is time to get vertical and impress your girlfriend with your amazing stamina. Bring your lady up facing you so she can wrap her legs around your waist. Hold her, look right into her eyes and have a dirty chat. If you have not been working hard in the gym lately, having sex standing up might be tough. Lean on the wall or put one of your legs on a chair or bed to help yourself squatting and impressing your baby.

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10. Forced act

Some couples enjoy playing forced sex games. The rules are pretty simple: a girl has to pretend she does not want it and a guy should keep trying to overpower her and finally get what he wants. This definitely will heat up you and your partner’s desire to have sex plus it will make it a bit rough. The longer girls play shy and do not let a guy inside, the better the feeling when he finally does it.

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Do try our orgasm tips and enjoy!