10 Celebrities & Their Fetishes You Have Never Heard About

Everyone has fetish! Every single couple usually has something that makes their intercourse more intimate, sensitive, and unforgettable. One of the most popular fetishes is foot. So many men find women's feet attractive and find the way to involve them is sex. Men love painted girls' toenails especially red because it turns them on. Of course, it is necessary to look after your feet if you do not want to be rejected.

Here you will find the list of celebrities with fetishes who you did not know about. Find out who likes feet, or armpit, BDSM, and other fetishes while having fun. You will be definitely surprised by your favorite celebrities' revelations...

1. Quentin Tarantino

This guy is really obsessed with women's feet. He is not only interested in beautiful girls' feet while he is in bed with one but enjoys getting them filmed in some scenes. If you watch films directed by Tarantino, you will discover how big his passion towards women's feet is.

Quentin Tarantino fetish

2. Britney Spears

The pop queen once said that she loves when men kiss her feet. She decided to not keep this information in secret and revealed it publicly. Take a look at Britney's feet - they look neat and nice. I am sure her fans would love to do it for her!

Britney Spears fetish

3. Alex Rodriguez

The truth about a famous baseball player came out of his ex-girlfriend's mouth. The model said that Alex loves to play and they never used to skip a night without having fun. She added that he is a big lover of feet.

Alex Rodriguez fetish

4. Ricky Martin

The singer also once revealed that he is a foot lover. He said that he finds feet very attractive and enjoys them every time he has a girl in his bed. However, Martin added that such revelations are bad for his image.

Ricky Martin fetish

5. Elvis Plesley

Who would have thought that feet fetish was popular even at Elvis' times? However, the most famous rock-n-roll singer ever had a very big foot fetish. He even had his assistants who chose women's by feet. If they decided that a woman has nice feet, Elvis agreed to have a date with her.

Elvis Plesley fetish

6. Scarlett Johansson

This sexy actress does not even try to hide information about her fetish. She loves having sex in a car. She finds is crazy and sexy which brings her maximum joy.

Scarlett Johansson fetish

7. Will Smith

A famous couple Will and Jada love to do it whenever and wherever it is possible. Isn't it great that people who were married since 1997 still have so much passion for each other so they are always chasing sex? Once the couple has an opportunity to do it somewhere, they do not waste their time.

Will Smith fetish

8. Kristen Stewart

The star of Twilight is not shy to tell about her kinky fetish. She joins the list of celebrity armpit fetish because she does like smelling and licking armpit. We do hope that this fetish helps her to attract new girlfriends and impress them with her unusual preference during a foreplay.

Kristen Stewart fetish

9. Christina Aguilera

Cute blondie with a powerful voice sometimes likes role plays. Her fetish is dressing up as a nurse and have fun. The singer believes that this way she can certainly spice things up in a bedroom and have an unforgettable sex.

Christina Aguilera fetish

10. Carmen Electra

The sexiest actress from Baywatch says that she enjoy a little bit of pain during an intercourse. She asks her partners to lock her in handcuffs and spank her with a coat hanger. I bet millions of guys would love to do it to her and make her feel great!

Carmen Electra fetish

So, now you know more about famous people in the world not by their songs, films, and even partners only. Celebrities with a foot fetish, armpit, car, BDSM and other kinky stuff are not different to us. They also look for fun and want to express their wild fantasies. If you can keep your sex preferences in a secret, then for someone like one of the celebrities from our list to keep private stuff behind the curtains is not so easy. Anyway, it was a curious information that may help you to discover your favorite celebrity from a different angle.